Frequently asked questions

What is Adify?

Adify is an Dynamic DOOH (Digital Out of Home) advertisment platform that enables advertisers to deploy ads on top of ride-share cars.

Ok. So how do I deploy ads?

Easy. Just sign up for our dashboard and navigate to the Deploy tab.

Cool. Where can I deploy ads?

We're currently only in Lahore. But we expect to be in other cities soon.

Sounds good. But how much will an ad campaign cost?

The exact cost of an ad campaign is based on factors such as time, location and the number of times your ad is displayed.

Hmmm. How will I pay you for the ad campaign?

Its pretty simple, really. You load money into your Adify account and you can then use that money to allocate towards a campaign.

Understood. How will I load money into my account?

Go to the Transactions tab. Click Add Balance and we will generate a voucher for you that you can use to deposit your money in any SilkBank across Pakistan.

Does any currency work?

We currently only accept PKR but we can work with you to accept money in other currencies as well.

When do I have to pay?

We use a Pay per Display model. We charge you for each individual play of your ad once the campaign finishes. You pay a small percentage of your total budget to start a campaign. You pay the rest at the end.

That sounds good but what if I want to end the campaign before it finishes?

No problem. Not only can you end your campaign, you can pause it as well. You would just have to pay for the amount of ads displayed up till that point.

I have a question thats not listed here...

Sorry about that. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions.