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DOOH is the future

DOOH is one of the fastest growing and most engaging forms of advertisment. Programmatic access to digital screens allows the advertiser unprecedented control over their ad campaign. Studies have shown that it also has one of the highest recall rates of any advertisement.

Adify takes your content to your audience

Geo-fenced and dynamic ads allow you to place your content in front of the most relevant demographic for your ad. This means that more people that are likely to buy your product see your ad. Your ad only gets played in an area that you define and at a time that you decide.

Real-time analytics provides key insights

Access to real-time data about your campaign allows you to have a clear understanding of how to optimize your marketing strategy. A state-of-the-art dashboard allows you to draw correlation between the success of the campaign and your sales data.

Massive savings in cost

Adify allows you to lower your DOOH marketing costs substantially. We are able to provide the same amount of ad space at a fraction of the cost of static billboards. And since we are digital, we are able to cut out the middle-men and we pass these savings on to our customers.

Ease of deployment

You can deploy a global ad campaign in under a minute. There is no need for a large distributed workforce to manage your ad strategy. Also, a pretty UI never hurt anyone.

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